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- Hot Wheels Monster Jam Trucks 1:64, Includes the very hard to find "Super Trucker" and "After Shock", 3 Different color wheels on the "Grave Digger" trucks, Set of 11 trucks $35.00

- Set of 10 Diecast cars and a car carrying car launcher (Set 1) includes 1990's Red Dodge Ram Pick Up. $13.00

- Set of 10 Diecast cars and a car carrying car launcher (Set 2) includes Gray Hummvee $10.00

- 1/72 Scale Diecast F-18 Blue Angels Show Jet $8.00

- 3 Tootsie Toy Vehicles (Very collectable US Mail Truck, Black Bronco, and Subaru Brat) 1 Hot Wheels Purple Bus $22.00

- Corgi Greyhound MC-8 Bus (from the 1970s) $17.00

- 1/64 Scale Diecast School Bus with door that opens and stop sign swings out. Has pull-back action and rubber tires. $3.00

- Blue Box Metal Figure 4 Figure Set "Romans" $4.00

- Blue Box Metal Figure set of 4 figures "Germans WW2 Rommel" $4.00

- Goodyear 100 car storage case (Has wheels and can be pulled around) $10.00

- 22 Diecast vehicles, various brands... $8.00

- Set Of 25 Army Men (Plus a free tank) New In PKG $4.00

- Set Of 25 Pirate Buccaneer Brawlers (plus a free boat) New in PKG $4.00

- Butterfly Art Barbie Doll (Rare Due to the fact it was pulled from stores after it came out.) $13.00

READ!!! Please look at the pictures, those are the items you will purchase. All items are cash and carry, "as is", first come first served, and may be posted on other sites. Items marked as new are just that, "new". I do not have transportation so items will have to be picked up. Buy Local and support your community and neighbors. Have a great day filled with peace joy and blessings!

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